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Student Testimonials


8 Responses to “Student Testimonials”

  1. Nuha Farraj RN says:

    I was referred to this company by my employer for advancement in my position as a RN. I took the initial ACLS class and the BLS Renewal class. Both classes, especially the ACLS class were very comprehensive and thorough. I was well treated by both the staff and the instructor. I highly recommend this company to all of my collegues for renewals and CEU classes.

  2. Renamie Santomin says:

    I was fortunate in finding a place that was able to make my BLS & ACLS renewal experience convenient and stress free. I really liked the learn at your own pace atmosphere and one-on-one teaching provided. I highly recommend this place to all my colleagues for renewals!

  3. Anthony Rodriguez says:

    Pacific Times College is an amazing learning environment. I joined the Pacific Times College in June of 2013 to obtain my Nursing Assistant Certification.

    They have the best prices, and flexible class times. I was taking summer classes during that time at my university and didn’t have the time to do monday – friday 8am to 5pm. Most of the programs I looked at only had those times. Pacific Times Health College has weekend classes which were very beneficial. We met Saturday and Sunday, and it really became a family environment.

    The teachers and coaches were intelligently brilliant. Our program learned a lot about real world situations. Even the clinical experience was rather impressive. We were able to be very hands on during that time.

    Even after my time at Pacific Times College, it wasn’t a goodbye. I stayed in touch with money individuals in the program, and the teachers and coaches. They are family after your experience at Pacific Times College, and they keep continuing to thrive in education and help you in your goals in healthcare.

  4. teddy walde says:

    I’m so glad and absolutely satisfied with the one on one training, and for the Renewal of my license. Very informative, convenient, stress free and pleasant. I highly recommend this company and the staff is very nice!!

  5. Tasha RN says:

    I was a nurse 10 years ago and I had stopped practicing. While working in a completely different field I realized I missed being a nurse. I had no clue where to go or how to get back in the field. I called PTHC and the receptionist was very helpful and detailed. I took the course and loved every minute of it. I had an amazing instructor who gave me the courage to get back into nursing. I will definitely return for more classes.

  6. annabelle estrella says:

    I highly recommend PTHC school and PALS class to all my co worker, I am an ER nurse but I have hesitation in terms of taking care of pediatric pt but with their teaching approach it builds my confidence. presentation are clear, instructor are welcoming and the class is fun and very informational . The one to one approach is great! Staff were very helpful and accomodatting. the location is perfect . Two thumbs up

  7. Benjamin Encarnacion says:

    I enrolled in the CNA program in 2015 and passed the state exam soon afterward. Thank you PTHC! They have a wonderful staff and learning environment.

    I highly recommend PTHC for your healthcare studies!

  8. jeremy7991 says:

    Wonderful site content. I wish other information We’ve found was just as exceptional. Continue the great work.

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