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Post Graduate Support

Are you a PTC grad? come and enjoy your benefits!

Post Graduation Support We offer free post graduate support to our graduates.Free refresher courses for PTHC graduates,Mock job interviews, References and Resume review/preparation at a discounted fee.

Free refresher course for PTHC

We understand that these are tough times. PTHC provides support to PTHC post grads. Incase you need a refresher course on any course you took at PTHC; we are more than willing to support you for free. Just pick the phone and make an appointment and refresh your EKG skills, IV skills…… in our simulaid lab.

Mock job interview

It is indisputable that preparing for a job interview is key when trying to land the career you want. To some of our graduates, this might be the first time to attend a formal interview. To give you an idea of an interview environment, we offer free mock job interview. Our goal is to help you succeed in applying the skills we empower you with. Contact us for details.


Almost all jobs ask for references. For those taking long courses with PTHC (With an exception of American Heart Association Classes), we might be able to provide you with reference. Feel free to contact us.


To register for a class please contact

90 W. Grand Blvd. Suite 107
Corona, CA 92882
Office Phone: 951-734-1601
Fax: 951-734-1602

14340 Elsworth Street Suite B-108/109
Moreno Valley, CA 92553
Office Phone: 951-656-4400
Fax: 951-656-4402


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