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RT Refresher Courses

Respiratory Therapy Refresher Course is available at Pacific Times Healthcare College. The principal aim of this course is to help students re-familiarize themselves with the skills and the knowledge of an RT for varied purposes such as for licentiate, employment, or knowledge enrichment.

The content of the course is carefully syllabicated based on the national competencies for Respiratory Therapy. Not only that, this course is also tailored for:

  • RTs who have not been practicing RT for a long time after a course completion or after a significant stoppage from the profession
  • Those seeking employment in the US

The course takes on brief and concise concepts and varied resources are available to help students get back in track in no time.

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To register for a class please contact

90 W. Grand Blvd. Suite 107
Corona, CA 92882
Office Phone: 951-734-1601
Fax: 951-734-1602

14340 Elsworth Street Suite B-108/109
Moreno Valley, CA 92553
Office Phone: 951-656-4400
Fax: 951-656-4402


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