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Acute Care Nurse Assistant Training

The objective of this comprehensive nurse training is to provide the CNA with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be able to deliver direct patient care to adults with complex and acute illness in acute healthcare settings. The course will emphasize critical thinking and problem solving skills, prioritization, and collaboration with different interdisciplinary healthcare workers effective communication, and documentation, and legal ethical issues.

Admission Requirements for ACNA: Satisfactory completion of the CNA course, and/or successful completion of the CNA State Exam and/or previous certification as a CNA.

Program Completion Requirements: A minimum of 24 hours theory, 8 hours in a skilled lab and 16 hours clinical in a sub/acute or acute or surgical facility. There is no state exam for the ACNA. Must score a minimum average of 73% in theory on written test and a pass in clinical (Clinical are pass or fail).

To register for a class please contact

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Corona, CA 92882
Office Phone: 951-734-1601
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14340 Elsworth Street Suite B-108/109
Moreno Valley, CA 92553
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